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Evolve with Excellent World Top Class Companies illustrates the Japanese Architect’s Design.

Concept Design

Leave of Tree View

Your Esteem, Your Signature, Your Life.

The Japanese Art of Stylish Living…Experience Zen Serenity for a More Fulfilling Life From a definition of the word “Kanso” (簡素), which means simplicity or elimination of clutter, to the Japanese-inspired home design that truly reflects Zen living – to live simply, peacefully, relaxingly and be in harmony with nature. These attributes are visibly portrayed in Kabar Aye Executive Residence to create the surroundings that fill your life with happiness everyday.

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Now Here! None like KER

Featuring the legendary service of Kabar Aye Executive Residence together with outstanding facilities and unique design features, owners will truly enjoy luxury in a location that puts the entire city within reach.

Residential Units

Cars parking

Stories Highrise

Hours Security


Project Features

Land Type

Your Inheritance is forever for your entire Generations because of KER’s Free Hold Land Right


Barrette Piles, Bore Piles, Diaphragm Wall (Retaining System)


29 stories + 3 stories of Basement, 115 units of Residential

Parking Lot

Total 245 numbers of car parking on 6nd floor and 7nd floor


6 lifts (4 for the Residence, 2 for Shopping Center), 3 Emergency Staircases


Swimming Pool, Gym & Spa, Yoga corner at 21st storey, Rooftop Heliport


Security door lock, Card access system of lift, CCTV


MATV system, 24 hours security guards, Fully fire protection system

Project Detail

Project Name
• Kabaraye Executive Residence

Floor Plan
• B-B3 = Underground Car Parking
• GF-5F = Shopping Mall
• 6F-7F =Car Parking
• 8F-19F =Room Type A to H
• 21F = Sky Reach Floating Panoramic Pool, Gym, Bar
• 22F-26F = Single Flat Penthouse 11 Rooms and Duplex Penthouse 4 Rooms
• Rooftop = Heliport

• Barrette Piles
• Bore Piles
• Diaphragm Wall (Retaining System)

• 29 stories + 3 stories of Basement
• Total residential units = 115 units
• Type A to H (8F-19F) = 196 units of 8 types
• Type J, K, M (Flat Penthouse) (22F-25F) = 6 units of 2 types
• Type I & L (Duplex Penthouse) (22F-25F) = 8 units of 2 types
• Type M (Penthouse) = 1 unit
• Type R1, R2, R3 (20F) = 4 units

Commercial Area 1F to 5F

Parking Lot Total 245 numbers of car parking

• 6 numbers of lift (Including 1 fire-proof lift)
• 4 numbers for the Residence
• 2 numbers for Shopping Center

• 3 Emergency Staircases
• Card Access System
• 5 stories of Branded & Signature Shopping Complex
• Gym & Spa, Yoga corner at 21st storey
• Panoramic View Swimming Pool at 21nd storey
• Heliport at Roof top for emergency

  • Overall Construction Work Completed 98% 98%
  • Structural Work 100% 100%
  • Systems Installation 100% 100%
  • Architectural Work 95% 95%

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Evolve with Excellent

World Top Class Companies

KER Sale Gallery

Address : 65 B, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone : 095180454,095166291, 09423713161, 019669545, 01657373

Mon-Sun : 09:00am - 5:30pm

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